This article is for developers looking to implement SCD type 2 using SQL querying or for students/freshers looking to learn or know about the same. Code is provided and can be re-used with tweaks as per your table structure. SCD, for people who don’t know stands for Slowly Changing Dimension. It basically captures changes in dimensional data (most common examples are customer, product and many more based on type of business) and also maintains versions before change. Updating the changed value alone falls under type 1 and versioning them is type 2, there are other types too. …



Just like how the above image appears, data too can turn out to be complex! Making data talk is in our hands and based on how smartly we use it. This page is for people who want to provide data for reports or dashboards in the best efficient way and also for beginners in the data industry who can get an idea of how data modeling works.

Data is available in numerous forms in this world. Starting from ancient scripts to high resolution videos to the thoughts and memories in our brain! Data is in various structured, unstructured and…

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